Atelier of Beauty, Medicine and Wonder

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Will teach you how to create your own luxurious artisanal cosmetics, wholesome elixirs, and other wonder-filled delights in a simple and fun way. Your creations will have a minimal ecological footprint but a powerful personal impact. Are you ready to transform toxic practices into artisanal

Beauty, Medicine and Wonder?


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Pantry wonder medicine

Concoct powerful remedies with herbs and spices you already have in your kitchen.

Beauty, medicine, and wonder weekend experience

Learn how to make your first artisan cosmetics and healing elixirs in just one weekend with ingredients from the grocery store.

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Easy peasy zero waste cosmetics for the body

Craft your own zero waste body cosmetics in a super easy way.


6 More Reasons to Create Your Own Artisan Cosmetics and Other Natural Wonders

1. Transform Toxic Ways Into Healing Beauty

Here’s a secret: When I create my cosmetics and elixir medicines or (really anything with my hands,) I immerse myself in wonder, pleasure, and curiosity. Not only does my skin and body appreciate it, but I find the process of making the products a form of therapy.

This same feeling, this amazing world is what I would like you to experience too. A world of textures, wonder, colors, nature, and healing.

Now you will finally be the author of your self care and creative endeavors,  you will be able to ditch dull and mass-produced cosmetics and instead, connect with what your hands reveal to you.

By crafting your own artisanal cosmetics, your beauty ritual will become a healing experience and a celebration of your uniqueness.

2. Replace Pollutants for High-End Products

There is a great variety of beauty and hygiene products offered by the market, most of which are full of toxic substances that promise wonders but, in the end, only bring us terrible consequences such as cancer, allergies, and hormonal damaging.

Many of these products are overpriced, and the plastic packaging in which they are presented makes them harmful not only to our bodies but our world.

Together we will create an alternative with wholesome products that will bring us joy, wonder, healing, and beauty. With them, we will reduce costs, pollution, and diseases.

3.Making Your Own Products Is Therapeutic and Fun

Concocting your own products is an incredibly fun and therapeutic activity; in a world full of technology, it is a blessing to go back to the manual. You will also be able to understand the cycles of nature and your body. This practice is a balm for the soul, and it is a beautiful time to have quality time with yourself or share it with people you love.

4. Start Your Own Artisan Brand and Business!

Creating both herbal medicine and artisan cosmetics is easier than people think, and surprisingly, it is much more cost-effective.

Making your own natural products using the highest quality raw materials costs up to 10 times less than buying the product in a store. Think about it, you will have personalized creations with the best ingredients, and it will be much more environmentally friendly than its counterpart.

Aaaaaand, is a perfect way to start your own artisan business by selling your goodies to your community, friends, family, tribe, and the world!

5. You Will Develop Your Creativity and Confidence

The final product is exciting, and so is the process!

Making natural cosmetics and using nature’s gifts to heal and enhance is a celebration of your uniqueness. Far from following empty beauty trends and filling your body and mind with toxins, making your own products is a hymn to self-care and a way of honoring your body and your truth.

It is fantastic to see the end result of your creations. These concoctions and elixirs will fill you with joy and the confidence of knowing that you, too, can create something so useful, pampering, and wonderful.

6. Making Remedies from Nature Reconnects Us With The Divine

Whatever your beliefs, it’s hard to ignore the perfect design we see around us when we start getting to know our herbs, spices, and roots. Many people say that nature has provided us with every medicine we’ll ever need, to me, it looks like there is a bigger designer behind this perfection.

Nature has a habit of flourishing in the time and place it is most needed. Each plant, spice, tree, root has its own unique profile of constituents, giving us a perfectly wholesome medicine that is easy for our bodies to use. In most cases, nature can provide us with exactly what we need, we just need to remember how to use it.

Your own Atelier at Home


The Experience of Becoming an Artisan of Beauty, Medicine and Wonder

“An Atelier is a space chosen by the artist to carry out a creative and unique work based on a subject and skill or “savoir-faire.”

The artist who creates in the Atelier loves his/her profession, takes care of the details, and produces high-quality wonders. In the Atelier, theory and practice are integrated, and all the senses are involved.”


hand made wonder
hand made wonder